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PTI Autism Conference Shoot

Welcome to our Bright IDEA video series which was created to help parents navigate their way through the special education process. The videos shine a light on how the federal law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), works in this state. The information shared in these videos will help you become an informed and effective partner with school professionals. We hope these videos inspire your own “Bright Ideas” on how to support and advocate for your child with a disability.

Week 1, Video 1 is an introduction to special education law.

Week 2, Video 2 covers the structure of the Bright I.D.E.A.s workshop.

Week 3, Video 3 covers difinitions and terms found in special education law.

Week 4, Video 4 continues the definitions and terms found in special education law.

Week 5, video 5 covers parental consent.

Week 6, video 6 covers the Special Education Laws and Regulations Process

Week 7, video 7 covers the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Week 8, video 8 is the IEP process continued.

Week 9, video 9 is Placement and Ongoing Assessment Part 1 & 2

Week 10, video 10 is about Dispute Resolution

Week 11, video 11 is Dispute Resolution Continued

Week 12, video 12 is The Interim Alternative Educational Setting

Week 13, video 13 is Summary and Conclusion

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